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Bravo by Raquel Welch

Bravo by Raquel Welch


21067 - 01
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Bravo by Raquel Welch is a long,lush all-over lightly layered silhouette. This is a style offering the ultimate in luxury.
Raquel Welch Bravo wigs feature a monofilament top Sheer Indulgence l 1/2" deep, virtually invisible sheer lace front, and an incredibly light and comfortable 100% hand-knotted base. Its 100% hand-knotted base (the fiber throughout the entire top is individually knotted) results in low density, natural looking hair growth allowing for off the face styling options. Hair can be parted on the left or right or in the center. Velvet lined ear tapes and nape assure more all day wearing comfort.
Bravo is made with human hair. It can be worn directly out of the box. For the best results, wash, customize, and style this human hair wig before wearing. If you want to color your Bravo wig, order a color lighter than you actually want. It is advisable to take your Bravo wig to a professional hair salon to have it uniquely colored and styled. Many customers prefer to have their human hair wig customized by a professional hair stylist. Wear Bravo smoothed for a more conservative look, or create more volume for a sexy, chic look.
Raquel Welch Bravo comes in a variety of gorgeous colors - from dark browns to reds to blond - so you can find that perfect color to match your complexion.